My Forrest Gump Life           Not Complete - In Process

This is a compilation of encounters that I have had throughout my life with people who were either already famous or who later became famous or infamous. They are listed in the order of the encounters. This is not fiction - everything that follows actually happened to me. The probability of what has happened to me happening have to be astronomical, but it is what it is. If I'm not the inspiration for the Forrest Gump book then I should have been. You make the call.

Date    Who                           Description                                                       .
Sam Snead                     Professional Golfer - 82 PGA Wins
1957  -
Paul Hahn                     Golfer - Legendary Trick Shot Artist
1958  - Stan Musial                   Hall of Fame St. Louis Cardinal
1958  -
Bob Feller                    Hall of Fame Cleveland Indian Pitcher
1962  - Larry Ellison                 Future Founder of Oracle Software
1963  - Dick Butkus                   Future Hall of Fame Chicago Bear Linebacker
1967  - Kenny Boyer                   Cardinal Third Baseman - 1964 MVP
1967  -
Sylvester Stallone            Future "Rocky","Rambo"
1967  - Bill Clinton                  Future President
        Arlo Guthrie                  Alice's Restaurant
1967  -
Brad Dourif                   "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
1968  – George Jung                   Future Famous Cocaine Distributor - "Blow"
1968  - Arnold Schwarzenegger         Future "Terminator","Governator"
1968  - Ted Kaczynski                 Future "Unabomber"

1971  - Dan Fogelberg                 Leader of the Band
1972  -
Bill Clinton-2                Future U.S. President
        Ed Muskie                     Maine Senator, Dem. Presidential Nominee
        George McGovern               1972 Democrat Presidential Nominee

1972  - Rush Limbaugh                 Ditto
1973  -
Joe Garagiola                 St Louis Cardinal Catcher/Broadcaster
1973  -
Pete Elliott                  Illini Football Coach
1973/4- LPGA - Kathy Whitworth        Women's Golf
               Carol Mann
                              Renee Powell
Jan Stephenson
Joanne Carner (Big Mama)

1976  -
Colin Montgomery              Future #2 Golfer in the World
1976  - Vernon Howell                 Future "David Koresh"
1978  -
Ted Kaczynski-2               Unabomber
1979  - Melanie                       Look What They've Done to my Song Ma
Jeb Bush                      Future Governor of Florida
      - George HW Bush                U.S. Vice President Elect
        Ronald Reagan                 U.S. President
  - James Carville                Future Clinton Campaign Advisor
1982  -
Chuck Colson                  Nixon "Watergate" Character
1982  -
Rush Limbaugh-2               Ditto
1984  - Arnold Schwarzenegger-2       The "Terminator", Future "Governator"
1985  - Buddy Rich                    Once Known as The World's Greatest Drummer
1985  - Guns n' Roses                 Knockin on Heaven's Door
1987  -
G. Edward Griffin             Future Author of  "The Creature from Jeckyll Island"
1987  -
Russell Means                 American Indian Activist - 1987 LP Candidate Presidential Nomination
1988  - Aileen Wournous               Florida Interstate Highway Murderer
1989  -
Gerald Ford                   Former U.S. President
1990  -
Rush Limbaugh-3               Ditto
1992  -
Bob Knight                    The General
1992  -
Bill Clinton-3                U.S. President
1993  - Vernon Howell-2               "David Koresh"
1994  -
Bob Dole                      Future 1996 Republican Presidential Candidate
1995  - Ted Kaczynski-3               The "Unabomber"
2000  -
Robert Bork                   Former Supreme Court Candidate
2001  - Bill Clinton-4                Former U.S. President
2001  -
Gary Player                   Ranked 8th Greatest Golfer of All Time
2003  -
George Jung-2                 “Blow”
2010  - Rush Limbaugh-4               80% Dittos
2010  - Why Forrest Gump?

My Journey through the Crack World

My Journey through the Justice System    (Note : All journeys through the crack world will be followed by journeys through the justice system

Note : Some of the dates are approximate guesses and may be changed based on feedback.

By Michael Allen Hall - Not Copyrighted - Don't believe in patent or copyright laws - 2010